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Specialist Eye Care in Montrose & Stonehaven

Eye tests, eye care and a wide choice of frames and lenses.

The Spectacle Company is an independent optometrist established in 1995, providing high quality eye care in the North East of Scotland.

Your vision is one of the most important aspects of your health; and we provide eye tests that give a thorough and careful assessment of your eye health and vision to ensure that you receive the optimum level of eye care.

As an independent operator we are able to source and supply a wide range of products at competitive prices.

The local and knowledgeable staff at our Montrose and Stonehaven locations are dedicated to delivering the best service in ophthalmic health care.

Did you know...

...that your eyes have are composed of over 2 million working parts and in a normal life span, will bring you around 24 million images? Good eye care is vital.

Sports Eyewear, a range of specialist sports eyewear